Health Care Key Control

Access control systems for health care facilities can be designed in a number of ways and often include solutions such as card access systems (proximity or swipe styles), locks and keys, and even security guards. Along with these measures, one of the most frequently implemented and effective security solutions is an automated key control system with tracking capability. Continue reading

Key Control Systems – What’s in a Name?

Key control and management systems are most easily defined as an orderly and secure solution for the management of keys used for securing and overseeing the facility. Due to their increasing popularity, key control systems are also known as automated key systems, electronic key systems, key management systems, computizerized key systems, key bank systems, key storage systems, key tracking systems, and so on. Continue reading

Locker Modules are Valuable Addition to Key Control Systems

Since introduction of electronic key control to the marketplace in the early 1990’s, key control and management systems have been continually improved and enhanced to meet changing market requirements. Many new components have been added and systems have been expanded to accommodate more locations and users. Integrated card reader interfaces, multi-user and non-random options, biometrics integration and upgraded key management software are just some of the new and improved features of today’s key control systems. Continue reading