Software Solutions Complement Key Control Systems

In the past few years, key control and asset management systems have become a requirement throughout a broad spectrum of vertical markets including corporate, government, correctional facilities, healthcare and educational markets to name just a few. One of the enabling factors for this is the ability to manage all programming, remote functions and reports for the system with a software-driven solution. Both access control systems and customized client control software can interface with the application. Continue reading

Key Control Systems: From Chaos to Efficiency

Before the advent and widespread use of electronic key control systems, key control was often a haphazard routine. Many organizations used an honor system to store and control building keys, while institutions such as correctional facilities or medical campuses used a more formal system requiring access activity to be hand-written in a log book. The procedures were often ineffective, mostly laborious and frequently left the organization exposed and vulnerable because keys could not be one hundred percent accounted for. Continue reading