Key Control Offers Smart Solutions for Higher Education

With the multitude of doors, entrances and restricted areas found on a university campus, maintaining safe and secure facilities presents unique challenges. To help facilitate the task, key control and asset management systems can be installed as an effective and increasingly important physical security technology for safeguarding dormitories, research labs, administrative buildings and so on. Regardless of the size or type of facility, a fundamental building block of an overall security strategy can be realized through managed key control and its capability for custom solutions, minimizing and monitoring risk and seamless integration with the building’s global physical security system. Continue reading

Key Control for the Enterprise

Multi-building campuses such as universities, business parks, research centers, medical facilities, hotels and resorts often require several different types of physical security technologies as part of a comprehensive, overall security strategy. As a critical element of the plan, many organizations rely on an automated key management system to provide a higher level of control in securing, accessing and tracking keys. Continue reading