Making Key Control and Management Systems More Secure

The rules and regulations in the gaming and correctional industries that govern the use, storage and safekeeping of keys have had a profound impact on the design and operation of today’s automated key control systems. In the corrections industry, the ACA (American Correctional Association) sets the standards for use and performance while in the gaming industry, key control systems can be regulated by Minimum Internal Control Standards for Class II Gaming. Continue reading

Key Tracking Systems: Casino Technology Trends

Over the past several years, physical security in the gaming environment, while always mission critical, has morphed from a tactical function to a more strategic operational policy. The conversion has happened in part due to the need for more sophisticated and encompassing casino security, but it has also been affected by the capability of various security solutions to communicate with other solutions on the network. An integrated and unified physical security system adds to operational efficiencies as well as enhancing the safety and security of the overall casino environment. Continue reading

Key Control for Retail Environments Offers Convenience and Enhanced Security

Administering the safety aspects of a large retail environment requires an expanded knowledge of security practices in order to make good decisions regarding the protection of the facility and its employees and visitors. Key control is high on the list as a state of the art security practice that offers both convenience and enhanced security for customers, staff and contractors in back-of-house and operational areas. Continue reading