Mobile Apps Offer Key Management Convenience

In the world of mobile apps, it used to be that apps were almost always available for iOS devices long before they were available for other formats or brands. This was primarily because manufacturers only had to develop their app for a single type of format; namely Apple®. Developing the app for Android, Microsoft or Blackberry users involved different kinds of phones and devices from several manufacturers and consequently introduction of the app often took longer. Continue reading

Driving Key Control on the Interstate Freeway

The Interstate Highway system is a 47,000 mile network of freeways that crisscrosses the American landscape. Critical to America’s mobility, it is estimated that one quarter of all vehicle miles driven in the country are driven on the Interstate system. Individual states are responsible for maintaining and rehabilitating the roads, rest stops and scenic areas in their regions. Equipment, vehicles and other maintenance items are stored at regional centers where automated key control systems are used to hold and track keys needed for the job. Continue reading