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Morse Watchmans is a leader in the security industry. With well over 100 years of key control expertise, Morse Watchmans delivers cutting edge technology solutions surrounding key control and key management systems. The security industry news stories below are from respected security industry and vertical publications and demonstrate our strength within the market.

9/01/15 – Security: Key Control Central

Airports have many security requirements and challenges, and part of the challenge arises because of the mix of people on-site, including airport staff, airline staff, contractor and vendor staff and travelers. One component of managing security in such settings is to strengthen the role of access control so that all parties remain in their authorized areas, assets are protected and security staff can focus on operational matters.


8/19/15 – SecurityInfoWatch: Securing Devices in a Collaborative Business Environment

In today’s business environment, meeting spaces, desks and even devices are shared between personnel. Often a single mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, will be the “official” device for maintaining social media or other online business accounts. There are a number of benefits to this type of collaboration, mainly the ability to spread responsibilities among multiple employees rather than tasking a single individual, which helps boost productivity.


6/10/15 – BNP Media: 5 Benefits To Integrating Key Control Into Security Systems

Automated key control and asset management systems are crucial for modern physical security operations and yet are often managed as a separate silo from the overall physical security system. Today, the most advanced key management solutions feature open protocols to allow integration with the organization’s networked security system for optimized access control functionality and value.


3/1/15 – Security Today: How an Interruption Sparked an Industry Trend

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of selfhelp sales books on the market offering advice for everyone from the beginner through to the seasoned sales veteran. The books cover topics that range from the sales basics to comedic experiences to tried and true formulated sales strategies. A primary concept behind all of them is how best to get a foot in the door in order to pitch your product and show how this product will help solve the customer’s problem.


12/14/14 – Source Security: Morse Watchmans 2014/2015 Review and Forecast

2014 saw a year of continued change in the security marketplace. A healthier economy triggered growth in new projects and helped loosen the purse strings for capital expenditures. From a technology standpoint, the industry evolution to a more network-centric environment created additional opportunities for manufacturers to partner. This has moved the needle well beyond the basic video surveillance-access control partnership to new levels that provide seamless, end-to-end solutions for customers.

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