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Morse Watchmans is a leader in the security industry. With well over 100 years of key control expertise, Morse Watchmans delivers cutting edge technology solutions surrounding key control and key management systems. The security industry news stories below are from respected security industry and vertical publications and demonstrate our strength within the market.

9/1/14 – Security Today: Protect a Key

When Steven Shaker wants to know who last took a car on his lot out for a demo or wants to see the demo history of a specific vehicle, all he has to do is go to his computer and check the Morse Watchmans KeyPro software for the answer. Shaker is one of the owners at Shaker Family Ford in Watertown, CT, but according to him, it was not always this easy to get the information he needed, nor was it always accurate or current.


8/14/14 – Source Security: The Importance of Electronic Key Control Solutions in Casino Security

With so much money flowing in and out in the form of cash and chips, casinos are a highly regulated world when it comes to security. One of the most critical areas of casino security is key control. Physical keys are used for access to all of the most sensitive and highly secured areas of the casino, including counting rooms and drop boxes, so the rules and regulations that relate to key control are extremely important to maintain tight control and minimize loss and fraud.


8/14/14 – Source Security: Key Control And Management For Emergency Situations At Educational Facilities

It used to be that the word “lockdown” was only ever used in reference to an emergency protocol to restrict movement in a prison environment. Today however, the term is in common usage in educational and other environments to describe measures taken under certain conditions of threat. In this article, Fernando Pires, VP of Sales and Marketing at Morse Watchmans, explains that lockdowns, along with building evacuation and sheltering procedures, are an integral part of a school’s emergency plan that can save lives.


7/25/14 – University Business UK: Making Tech Secure

Security technology for school campuses comes in a variety of solutions. Video surveillance cameras capture images of people and activities while guard patrols and alarm systems help maintain building security. Access control is another popular security solution and many schools have gone to an automated system using cards which may be scanned or swiped to gain access to a building or room.


6/24/14 – Security Magazine: Key Control Drives Fleet Management Operations

The overall development and availability of a wide range of operational tools for the fleet management market provides organizations with more convenience – and savings – in managing vehicles. For most every aspect of fleet management between acquisition and disposal, including profiling, dispatch, diagnostics, tracking, security and remote control, there is now an application available to help improve efficiencies.


5/14/14 – Hi-Tech Security Solutions: Guidelines for key control in correctional facilities

At correctional facilities, the environment is highly structured to ensure that security, safety and order can be maintained. Security procedures are clearly defined and include among others, head counts, inmate movement tracking, visitor logs and cell inspections. Among the most closely guarded and stringent policies and procedures is key control. In fact, many states have implemented policies stating that each facility shall have a system for key control that includes (1) the absolute control of keys by staff; (2) key issuance records; and (3) a system which ensures that missing keys are immediately identified.


4/10/14 – Risk UK: Key Control on Campus

With hundreds or thousands of physical keys on a campus, there are many reasons to make planning for control and management of those keys a fundamental component of campus security programming. Securing and tracking physical keys not only helps to make the campus safer for students, staff and visitors, it also saves costs and protects against loss.

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