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Morse Watchmans is a leader in the security industry. With well over 100 years of key control expertise, Morse Watchmans delivers cutting edge technology solutions surrounding key control and key management systems. The security industry news stories below are from respected security industry and vertical publications and demonstrate our strength within the market.

9/1/13 – Security-Today: A Key for Casinos

With so much money flowing throughout casinos, these establishments are a highly-regulated world within themselves when it comes to security.

One of the most critical areas of casino security is physical key control because these instruments are used for access to all of the most-sensitive and highly-secured areas, including counting rooms and drop boxes. Therefore, the rules and regulations that relate to key control are extremely important to maintaining tight control, while minimizing loss and fraud.


9/3/13 – Casino Enterprise Management: Key Issues for Gaming Security

With so much money flowing in and out in the form of cash and chips, casinos are a highly regulated world when it comes to security. One of the most critical areas of casino security is key control. Physical keys are used for access to the most sensitive and highly secured areas of the casino, including counting rooms and drop boxes, so the rules and regulations that relate to key control are extremely important in helping maintain tight control and minimize loss and fraud.


8/13/13 – Lockdowns and First Responders

Not very long ago, the word “lockdown” only referred to an emergency protocol to restrict movement in a prison. Today, however, this term commonly describes measures taken under certain threat conditions in educational and other campus environments. Lockdowns, along with building evacuation and sheltering procedures, are integral parts of a school and university emergency plan that can save lives. These best practices are the foundations that enable effective, efficient and collaborative incident management by campus staff and first responders.


4/10/13 – Security-Today: Morse Watchmans Solutions Go Beyond Basic Key Control

Innovative design and network flexibility engineered into the Morse Watchmans product portfolio are driving integration of key control and asset management systems within the overall physical security systems platform. At ISC West, Morse Watchmans is highlighting integrated functionality in a display that demonstrates the company’s technology leadership in delivering solutions that go beyond basic key control.


2/12/13 – SECURITY: How Asset and Key Controls Improve Efficiency for SMB Market

The design and implementation of a physical security system is applicable to organizations of all sizes. In addition to large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) also need solid protection because, regardless of the size of the company or the state of the economy, life safety and security remain essential to protect the most valuable assets of any organization – the people, information and physical assets used in the business.


11/1/12 – Security-Today: Customized Accountability

The grounds crew, housekeeping and maintenance staff at Western Kentucky University used to carry building keys around with them 24/7 because that was the way it had always been done. Employees took the keys home with them at night and brought them back to work the next day or for their next shift. Ot her than the usual forgetfulness and the occasional set of lost keys, management and control of the keys needed for the maintenance and housekeeping of the University’s 65-plus buildings was not on anyone’s radar as a potential problem area.


9/25/12 – SECURITY: 9 Key Features to Consider in Asset Management

Building on their widespread use and popularity as a security management tool, key control systems’ functionality has been expanded to include custom modules and lockers that can accommodate plastic card keys or other valuable items. Lockers, available in various configurations, can be used for storing credit cards, small firearms, cellphones, two-way radios, laptop computers, tablets, cash trays and so on, and can be managed as efficiently as keys in key control systems.


5/1/12 – GIT Security: An Open and Shut Case

In locations such as casinos and gaming, correctional facilities, health care institutions, hospitality businesses, multi-family buildings and educational facilities, key control management systems are a proven solution to enhance physical security.

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