Morse Watchmans Encourages Users to “Think Inside The Box” At ASIS 2008.

KeyWatcher Showcases Innovations in Form and Function.Atlanta, GA (September 15, 2008) – Morse Watchmans, the market leader in integrated key management solutions, announces new updates to their flagship KeyWatcher® system. A full-featured access control solution and advanced business management tool, KeyWatcher offers a range of features to simplify control and management of keys, access cards and more. Full product demonstrations are available at the Morse Watchmans’ ASIS 2008 exhibit booth.

“Completing the evolution from key boxes to an intelligent, integrated access control solution complete with accountability, the KeyWatcher system continues to offer superior performance in myriad installation situations,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Our goal is to continue leading the industry with cutting-edge products that provide increased value and flexibility.”

New to the KeyWatcher is the brightly illuminated key storage feature which simplifies the identification and location of the correct key, while its new design provides maximum storage over minimal wall space. Fully scalable, the new modular design allows users to configure each unit to meet the specific needs of their application. A number of different modules are available, including credit card holders and lockers for cellular phones, firearms or other items that need to be accounted for and secured when not in use.

Another recently upgraded feature of KeyWatcher is the capability to send priority email alerts to security managers to inform them of the whereabouts of Smart Keys. Each individual key is secured to a Smart Key locking mechanism with built-in memory chip and data from the chip is stored when a key is inserted into a key slot. Users can only access keys for which they have an authorized user code, and keys can be returned to any location in the box.

Each KeyWatcher is powered by AC electricity and supported by a 48-hour backup power supply. The system is designed with built-in RS-232 and optional Ethernet connectivity for PCs, modems, printers and networks.