Morse Watchmans Offers Unique Remote Box for KeyWatcher® System.

Added Layer of Protection Addresses Vulnerability in High Risk.Las Vegas, NV (April 6, 2011) – Morse Watchman’s KeyWatcher Remote Box, on display this week at ISC West, enables security management to better limit and manage physical security vulnerability through improved key control in facilities where protection of the key cabinet itself is mission-critical. Unique in the industry, the Remote Box provides an additional layer of protection by enabling the KeyWatcher itself to be placed in a secure room and requiring a second individual’s PIN input and verification in order for an authorized employee to access keys.

“The Remote Box is a preemptive solution to address security concerns in high risk environments such as correctional facilities or casinos,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “It’s another example of our ‘thinking outside the box’ product strategy, designed to deliver innovative and cost effective key control solutions to the marketplace.”

The Remote Box is typically installed outside a secure room such as a casino cage or a Control Room at a prison and can be wall or desktop mounted. The KeyWatcher cabinet is located inside the secure room so that it is highly protected from any potential vandalism or tampering by employees or inmates. Once an authorized employee inputs their PIN and other information into the Remote Box and it is validated, a second employee inside the secure room inputs their information as well, providing access to the key for which the first employee is authorized. A biometric device can be integrated to provide yet another level of security, for one or both the employees.

The two-person process additionally allows for a second set of eyes on each key when it is returned to the KeyWatcher, helping to ensure that security procedures are followed. Additionally, the activity of both users is recorded by the system and is included in all reports and in the data trail.

The Morse Watchmans line of key management and asset control solutions is a modular, scalable system that is interoperable with access control and other systems, in addition to providing control over who can remove a key or stored property. Advanced communication capabilities enable users always to know who removed any key or item and when it was taken.