Make Automotive Key Control Manageable

The KeyBank Auto is your answer to a total key management system. It offers constant reliable access and control. Keys are concealed in a hi-tech, efficient cabinet. This unique system can expand to 1000 keys as your need for more key storage grows.

The KeyBank Auto features KeyPro software with a special automotive mode that enables special features and functions such as listing SmartKeys by stock number.

KeyBank Auto Helps You To:
  • Never lose a sale because you can’t find the keys
  • Eliminate key and remote replacement costs
  • Eliminate the mess and hassles of pegboards and lock boxes
  • Dramatically reduce liabilities for theft and possibly reduce your floor plan insurance premiums
  • Reduce or eliminate mystery mileage and damage
  • Check the status and location of your vehicle inventory in real time, any time
  • Analyze vehicle demo histories to find slow movers
  • Analyze sales force performance on demos
Practical Management Reports
Vehicle History Report
  • Track how many times each car is demonstrated
  • Take the “mystery” out of mystery mileage and know who’s driven the vehicle while you were gone
  • If a car is damaged or returned dirty, you can see who drove it last
Vehicle Inventory Report
  • Determine vehicle status
  • Establish real time location of vehicles
  • Analyze fast/slow movers
  • Evaluate sales force demo performance
Employee History Report
  • Analyze number of demos
  • Know how many vehicles each employee has out on loan

This cabinet style available to US
customers only

International customers receive this
cabinet style

Perfect For:

  • All car key control
  • New and Used Car Dealerships
  • Service Departments
  • Rental Car Fleets