Keeping the Peace with Comprehensive Key Control at Government Buildings

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Fernando Pires

Fernando Pires

Fernando Pires, CEO of Morse Watchmans Inc.

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Keeping the Peace with Comprehensive Key Control at Government Buildings

When the subject is how to increase physical security at government buildings like embassies, the focus today is typically on perimeter security and dangers coming from outside the premises. Articles on the topic may discuss the potential need for high walls with concertina wire, or creating a greater setback from the street to minimize damage from explosives.

Securing More Than Just Keys

Can key control control more than just keys? Not only can it – it does. More and more organizations are finding that their need to secure a range of valuable items can be perfectly met by key control systems.

Three Ways Fleet Management Tools Can Extend The Life Of Your Fleet

If your organization owns or manages a fleet of vehicles, you cannot afford to overlook the financial considerations involved in each business decision relating to that fleet. Among the most important of these is taking steps to ensure that you get maximum ROI from every one of your vehicles. Every step you take to lengthen the lifespan of your fleet will help improve that equation and add to your organization’s bottom line.

Eliminating Under-Utilization With Fleet Management Tools

Once your organization has made the significant investment necessary to support a fleet of vehicles, it is a smart business decision to optimize the usage of each individual vehicle as well as the fleet as a whole. In that way you will get the most out of your investment dollars while enabling the fleet to contribute to business objectives rather than being a drain on the organization.

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