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Mobile Apps Offer Key Management Convenience

Fernando Pires October 14, 2013
Fernando Pires

In the world of mobile apps, it used to be that apps were almost always available for iOS devices long before they were available for other formats or brands. This was primarily because manufacturers only had to develop their app for a single type of format; namely Apple®. Developing the app for Android, Microsoft or Blackberry users involved different kinds of phones and devices from several manufacturers and consequently introduction of the app often took longer.

Recently though the window between releases for the various formats has shrunk or been eliminated totally and companies are releasing all apps either at the same or within weeks of the other. This development is welcome news, for in today’s business environment cell phones and other mobile devices have changed the way business is done.

In the physical security arena, mobile innovations and technologies have changed the way we communicate, interact and respond. For example, apps for automated key control systems enable users to maintain control of keys no matter their location. At any time, an authorized user can see real time transactions and information for keys in use, any keys that are overdue, where and when alarms may have been triggered or overall system status. For investigative purposes, managers can even review key usage to determine who may have last accessed a key for a vehicle that was found to be damaged. Having this information available on a mobile device is like having a remote office.

Notifications and events are automatically sent to authorized personnel, allowing them complete control of the system. They can cancel an alarm and even, if necessary, remotely disable a user. These features, along with multiple others, provide the mobile user with another level of convenience and control when it comes to key control management.

Mobile applications are quickly becoming a preferred platform for security managers to access key control data and even to perform transactions. The result is improved safety and integrity of the facility.

What's next? You can see how mobile key control applications can enhance security within businesses. Learn more about key control systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key system configurator tool.