There are two truisms of K-12 schools that exist today: First, safety and security are core objectives. Second, school budgets are tight. These two truisms offer more questions than answers for superintendents, principals, teachers, board members, and parents. Questions like:

  • What school security solutions can we deploy to actively combat rising violence? How can we cost-effectively implement such tools?
  • School staff are either unaware of or may not always follow through with school safety policies, resulting in unnecessary costs and risks. How can we enforce such policies in order to improve security and operational efficiency?
  • In case of an at-school emergency, what can be done to provide first responders with the right tools and more time to respond to emerging incidents?

    Join Tim Purpura, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Morse Watchmans, alongside a panel of experts as they answer these questions and discuss the importance of proactive key control and asset management in K-12 schools.

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