A Live Panel Discussion on Key Control for K-12

In the event of an emergency, many schools will lock their doors in order to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate further harm. And while rooted in good intentions, locked doors can limit first responders in their effectiveness and response times if they are unable to quickly reach those inside. 

Join Tim Purpura, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Morse Watchmans, alongside a panel of school security experts, as they discuss the pivotal role of key control in K-12 emergency preparedness.
You’ll learn:

  • Practical strategies for deploying electronic key control systems, ensuring that essential school keys are securely housed and readily accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • How various key control hardware and written policies combine to create a comprehensive security framework tailored to K-12 environments.
  • The secondary benefits of key control for schools including reduced security expenses, increased staff accountability, and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • About the successful implementation of key control systems in real K-12 environments.

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