Securing Valuable Assets in the Airline Industry

Ground support at airports and air fields is a critical component in ensuring that airplanes fly on time, properly serviced and without mechanical issues. Airport ground support equipment (GSE) helps to fulfill a broad range of services for the aircraft, from cargo loading to beverage services to refueling to fuselage maintenance. To perform these duties quickly and precisely, allowing for speedy equipment turnaround, ground support personnel must act as a well-oiled machine. Continue Reading


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5 Takeaways from ASIS on Protecting Valuable Assets

ASIS 2017, bringing together the best and brightest in the security industry, was recently held in Dallas. Keynote speakers from all walks of life—from former President George W. Bush to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban—discussed the evolution of security and the challenges that organizations face when trying to best protect people, businesses, and assets from risk and harm. Over 500 exhibitors showcased the latest evolutions of security technology, and over 22,000 members of the security industry attended the convention, sharing ideas, solutions, and new insights that will help to improve the industry as a whole. Here are five takeaways from this year’s show:

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Global Sales Highlights

  • Centennial College Sudent Association, Canada – KeyWatcher Illuminated System

  • Box Elder County Sheriff, UT – KeyWatcher Touch System

  • The Boston Athenaeum, Boston  - KeyWatcher Touch System

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College, WI – KeyWatcher Touch System 

  • Newport Onshore and Inn on The Harbor, RI – KeyWatcher Touch System

  • St. Joseph’s Health Care, Canada – KeyWatcher Illuminated System

  • Univ. of California Santa Barbara, Housing - KeyWatcher Touch System

  • Viceroy L’Ermitage, Beverly Hills, CA – KeyWatcher Touch System

  • Canadian Special Operations Training Centre, Canada – KeyWatcher Illuminated System

3 Major Benefits of Hotel Key Control Systems

Posted on October 4, 2017

Whether it’s the lure of endless sunshine in Arizona, snow-laden mountains in Colorado or the sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Florida, the hotel industry across the country is thriving due to strong occupancy rates. In fact, PKF Hospitality Research predicts record U.S. hotel occupancy rates through 2017. Continue reading

Understanding Key Control for Data Centers
Posted on September 19, 2017

With organizations across every vertical more and more reliant on the cloud for both operations and data storage, data centers have become one of the most important elements of infrastructure around the globe. Maintaining safe storage for critical data has bearing on every aspect of business—and limiting access to that storage is an essential part of keeping business secure. Continue reading