New Features Include AssetWatcher Support, Desktop Fingerprint Reader Improved Convenience and Security Upgrades

Las Vegas, NV (October 3, 2017) – Morse Watchmans is featuring the newly released Version 2 of its industry-leading KeyWatcher® Touch key control and asset management solution here at G2E 2017. Hands-on demonstrations will showcase new features that improve security for casinos, including support for Morse Watchmans’ new RFID-enabled AssetWatcher secure physical storage solution; additional enterprise application functionality, and a new easier and faster database design, among other upgrades.

“By leveraging our gaming industry experience with our technology proficiency, the KeyWatcher Touch has been optimized for casino applications with added convenience, system intelligence and security,” said Fernando Pires, VP of Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “The result is a next-generation solution that is more than simply an evolution relative to user needs in a casino environment; it is charting a new direction in key control technology.”

New and updated features include the following:

Support for Morse Watchman’s new AssetWatcher which can secure and track multiple RFID-tagged items within a locker, including electronics and metal objects. Featuring the same reliable and easy-to-use interface as the company’s popular KeyWatcher Touch, AssetWatcher includes a 7” touchscreen and incorporates a state-of-the-art optical fingerprint reader for strong security.

Users can now utilize multiple KeyWatcher Touch Server instances with a single SQL database to more efficiently manage systems. With this, KeyWatcher Touch systems can be managed by a more local instance of the Server for faster syncing, allowing for multiple systems to be synchronized at once. Each Server instance permits multiple simultaneous TrueTouch clients to be connected while giving the user access to all permitted data.

A new Desktop Fingerprint Reader has been added, allowing users to enroll fingerprints through TrueTouch software in addition to doing so at a local KeyWatcher Touch. Templates are automatically downloaded to all user-permitted cabinets.

Additional updated features include a new database design to support the multiple functionalities of the KeyWatcher Touch Server Enterprise with a boost in speed and efficiency for storing and retrieving data from the database. An updated version of the Card Format Builder allows for more complex card formats to be easily added to TrueTouch® and various integration modules.