We invented key management, and we just keep making it better for you.

Make key control easier and more efficient with a key management system from Morse Watchmans, the security industry’s leading provider of key control, key security and key and asset management solutions. Network our key control and security management systems and integrate them with access control and other physical security systems or use them as standalone systems. Our industry-first features such as KeyAnywhere and KeyFind are essential tools to secure and safeguard keys.

Improve your key control and security with the enterprise-class KeyWatcher Touch system, the scalable KeyWatcher Illuminated system and KeyBank key cabinets – there’s even a Remote Box solution to protect access to the KeyWatcher cabinet. Tamper-proof cabinets can only be accessed by authorized users with pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, helping eliminate vulnerability. For enhanced administration and management, KeyWatcher True Touch key organizer software delivers unparalleled support and functionality.

Morse Watchmans’ key management systems can be custom tailored to meet your exact key and asset management needs — with the added comfort of knowing that the system can be expanded or reconfigured as your needs change. Modules for access card security and mechanical keys can be added or SmartKey Locker systems modules can be included for secure storage of small items such as cell phones, weapons or cash boxes. Our economical key ring systems help further safeguard and organize keys. PowerCheck Guard Tour Systems from Morse Watchmans are cost effective and ideal for use in a variety of environments. The hand-held guard tour solution simplifies procedures and tasks for security officers and helps to eliminate paperwork. Contact us today to find the right solution for your key control and asset management needs.


History of Morse Watchmans, a key control company

Since 1882 Morse Watchmans has been helping business owners and managers worldwide keep their businesses safe and secure. Morse Watchmans innovated the tape clock for guard patrols to get rid of bulky, often unreadable metal dials. Our tape clocks were designed with solid state quartz works to assure the greatest accuracy and most reliable performance.

One century later, in the early 1980’s, brothers Manuel and Fernando Pires acquired Morse Watchmans with the goal of making guard tours more reliable and accountable.

As the digital revolution set in, the Pires brothers and their technical team embraced new ways to gather, store, and share security information electronically. In 1987 Morse Watchmans introduced the first data recorder. Now there was a way to automate complete guard tour reports and track stations with a storage capacity of 2,000 readings. Customers also had complete hardware and software conveniently available to them in one package.

Then in 1991, The Boss 2000 series was introduced. This powerful guard tour system, with three models available to maximize security and simplify security supervision, has been placed in over 20,000 facilities globally. Our guard tour products have received many generation upgrades and is relied upon at industries around the world.


Listening to our customers and designing innovative products to meet their needs

Key management has always been a concern in businesses around the world, especially in larger industries such as hospitals, hotels, and correctional facilities. During the 1990s, Morse Watchmans realized that there was an increasing need for companies to successfully track their sensitive keys. With Morse Watchmans already having been a leader in the security industry with a sound business relationship and the trust of so many, companies were not afraid to share their key problems and concerns with us.

We learned that companies were storing their irreplaceable master keys on pegs inside locked strongboxes and that many of these same companies employed full time workers to distribute keys and maintain reports 24 hours, 7 days a week. We were also made aware of how mistakes were made and how employees took advantage of this system. Keys that were lost or stolen were not always accountable. This system lacked the security and flexibility our customers needed.

In 1993, Morse Watchmans, Inc. developed the KeyWatcher, the first stand-alone key management system that electronically released keys to authorized users. This system allowed for keys to be stored in a smart storage cabinet that accounted for each user by access code, time, and date. Keys were physically locked in place and only released to authorized users. A patented feature called Random Key Return was also implemented, which allowed users to return keys back to any open location within the cabinet, therefore, protecting sensitive keys from pattern location placement.

As the popularity of this system began to grow, our customers came forward and expressed to us new features they wanted to see. Based on their requests, we have added many new components and expanded the system to accommodate up to 1,000 key locations and 1,000 users. There are also optional features like durable polycarbonate cabinet doors, which enable you to view the keys inside. More importantly, the KeyWatcher is a stand-alone key management system that can connect directly to your printer, PC or modem to give you an on-demand management report with all the pertinent key tracking data you will ever need. Thousands of systems are currently installed in institutions, government buildings and the private sector globally.

In 1996, The PowerCheck 3000 guard tour system became available. This sleek, compact product gives you all the knowledge you need in the palm of your hand. The PowerCheck is the perfect system for fire and safety applications.


The 21st century and beyond - a continuum of quality security products and enhancements

In 2004, we introduced our next generation KeyWatcher system – The KeyWatcher Illuminated III. These systems added increased user and key capacity, integrated card reader interface, multi-user and non-random options, and our new KeyPro III Key Management Software.

The year 2007 ushered in even more enhancements for the KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyBank lines of key management systems. The key management systems now accommodate customizable modules to accommodate other valuables that require controlled access. Spacious lockers hold larger items such as prescriptions, small firearms, tools, wallets and wireless phones, while thin slots are ideal for credit, debit, gas and key cards. Our product designers added illuminated key slots to make retrieving and returning keys easier. Our software engineers also improved the KeyPro III with new features, including Priority Email Alerts that keep security managers informed of the whereabouts of Smart Keys.

2011 was the year of the Touch. We launched the KeyWatcher Touch, an even more advanced version of the classic KeyWatcher Illuminated system with a large, convenient touchscreen interface. This introduction was followed closely by the launch of the KeyBank Touch, bringing ease-of-use to the KeyBank market as well.

In 2017, we launched the KeyWatcher Fleet, an all-in-one key control and fleet management software system that allows customers to take command of vehicle distribution, comprehensive utilization, right-sizing fleets, and more. The Morse Watchmans Smarts™ software allows customers to create their own policies to enable automatic allocation of vehicles for each driver.

2020 brought a migration enhancement to the KeyWatcher Touch, providing the availability of online directory integration and in 2021 the KeyWatcher Touch received a Gen 3 software upgrade. In addition, Morse Watchmans also made antimicrobial powder coating standard on all KeyWatcher products to boost health and safety measures for customers.

In December 2021, Morse Watchmans was acquired by TouchPoint, Inc. After four decades of revolutionizing guard tours and electronic key control, Manuel and Fernando Pires turned their leadership and successful business over to TouchPoint, Inc., a privately held diversified global growth company. In its portfolio, TouchPoint provides access hardware, medical technology, and intelligent inventory management solutions. Morse Watchmans joins TouchPoint’s intelligent inventory management platform, positioning themselves for exponential market growth for global key control and asset management solutions.