Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit

Don’t Get Locked Out During a Lockdown

In the event of an emergency, many facilities will lock their doors in order to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate further harm. And while rooted in good intentions, locked doors can limit first responders in their response times and effectiveness if they are unable to quickly reach those inside. 

The EKG Kit solves this issue, providing first responders with secure, fast access to keys in the event of a facility lockdown.

At the heart of the EKG Kit is a one-module or greater KeyWatcher Touch System. The KeyWatcher Touch electronic key control system stores facility keys in a key cabinet, only to be accessed by those with the proper permissions. Using a unique PIN code or other provided credential, emergency personnel can swiftly retrieve the required keys, such as those for locked rooms or secured areas, to facilitate a fast emergency response.   

The EKG Kit also includes Morse Watchmans’ color-coded SmartKeys and KeyRings. The included SmartKey tracks access to master facility keys, alerting to key removal and return for greater oversight. The included KeyRing further prevents unauthorized access by providing tamper-proof storage of all facility keys. Both colored red, these accessories are designed to be easily identifiable to responding personnel.  

Morse Watchmans also pledges one-on-one key control training for all adopting organizations, helping facilities integrate emergency key control into their existing crisis preparedness plan and maximize the effectiveness of the EKG Kit based on personalized factors. Printed educational materials are also included, outlining tips and best practices for implementing key control in various environments. 

With every complete EKG deployment, facilities benefit from both a controlled, known location for master keys as well as the implementation of a complete key control policy developed with the help of Morse Watchmans experts. This kit is purpose built to improve emergency response times and effectiveness during critical incidents and gives stakeholders peace of mind, knowing that the space they are occupying is equipped with robust security measures to handle emergencies efficiently.   

The EKG Kit is ideal for any facility where lockdown procedures are enacted during critical events. This includes schools, hospitals, corporate campuses, airports, public venues, government buildings, critical infrastructure sites, data centers, and more. 

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The Morse Watchmans EKG Kit Contains:

  • A 1-module or greater KeyWatcher Touch System
  • Color-coded SmartKeys and KeyRing with Hubs
  • Unique KeyWatcher System First Response KeyRing Identification Label
  • Educational Materials: Implementing Key Control in K-12 Schools Tip Sheet and K-12 Schools Key Control Playbook Hardcopies
  • One-on-one Educational Training from Morse Watchmans
  • Template and Guidelines for Writing a K-12 School District Key Control Policy

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