One of the biggest concerns for today’s businesses is protecting your employees from the threat of illness when they are on the job. Not every employee can work remotely; many essential workers must enter the hotels, correctional facilities and other locations in order to do their jobs. Many of these individuals use keys every day as part of their duties to access controlled areas of the facilities they work in.

Morse Watchmans products have been offering touchless proximity card access for many years. Every one of our key cabinets is built with standard hospital-grade 304 stainless steel panel surfaces to resist corrosion and bacteria growth. These features have always made Morse Watchmans products an easy choice for resisting the spread of disease and keeping personnel safe and healthy. 

Because key use is something that cannot be made fully touchless, we have initiated a number of changes to our products, along with a quick guide to best practices for using our key control solutions safely.

Available immediately, all new Morse Watchmans key and asset management cabinets come standard with an anti-microbial powder coating at no added cost. Designed to resist the growth and retention of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms, the coating retains its microbe-fighting qualities for years. It is also highly durable and scratch-resistant, and will stand up well to regular cleanings and use.

Migrating Towards Touchless Key Control

In order to move closer to touchless key management, we will introduce facial recognition key cabinet access in Q3 of 2020. This new feature will enable authorized users to access their KeyWatcher or KeyWatcher Fleet cabinet without physically contacting the outside of the unit. Our goal is to greatly reduce common touchpoints between users, minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination and disease transmission among your team.

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At Morse Watchmans, your safety is everything to us. We’re constantly researching and innovating to keep up not only with the latest in security technology, but also with the latest in personnel health protection.

Best Practices for Using Key Control Safely

We encourage you to take all precautions possible to help protect your employees. You can read the CDC’s recommendations for preventive actions here. For your workplace, here are a few tips to consider for your key cabinets.

  • Wipe KeyWatchers down each day with a damp (NOT WET) disinfectant wipe or a cloth with a mix of water and rubbing alcohol. Care must be taken when wiping the touch screen.
  • Wipe each SmartKey with a rubbing alcohol solution or disinfectant wipe at least once each week.
  • Place a box of latex gloves near each KeyWatcher with signage encouraging their use.
  • Place disinfectant wipes (Clorox or Lysol) near each KeyWatcher for employees to wipe down after each use.

Your health and safety matter to us!

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