In the highly regulated cannabis industry, cash is king and security procedures are examined under a microscope. The storage of cannabis assets demands constant controlled access, frequently requiring the use of locks and keys for storage rooms and safes. Cannabis businesses with poor key management are at risk for theft, compliance infractions, and other security threats. Key control addresses several regulatory requirements and helps cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries mitigate potential risks.

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Securely Manage Cannabis and Cash

Roughly 90% of financial and product loss in the cannabis industry can be attributed to employee theft. While cannabis assets are often locked behind a series of closed doors or within a vault, if the key to one of these controlled areas is accessible to all employees, then there is no way to accurately determine who accessed the controlled area and when.

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Key control for the cannabis industry addresses such insider threats by providing audit capabilities that tracks a key’s removal and return to the key cabinet with both time and user specifications. Furthermore, individual keys can be tracked, so lost and misplaced keys are a thing of the past.

Address Regulatory Requirements

Cannabis businesses are required to meet strict local, state, and federal regulations regarding the storage of both cash and cannabis products. Key control systems address a number of requirements for the cannabis business by providing secure key access and documented access records.

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Key management systems ensure all keys are stored behind a secured cabinet, to be accessed only by those given the proper credentials during appropriate times, much like an access control system. If a key is inappropriately taken, the system will issue an alert. Administrators can also retrieve access records to demine whom the last person to access a specific key or entire cabinet was.

Risk Mitigation for Cannabis Fleets

Much like the storage of cannabis and cash, the transportation of such assets is also highly regulated. For vehicles traveling to and from a dispensary or cultivation center carrying the product, key control for cannabis businesses enables control of when the vehicles are deployed when they are returned, and who is authorized to drive them. The system can also restrict access to the vehicles to certain times of the day and limit certain users to specific vehicles.

Securely Store Cannabis Products

Taking security a step further, asset management systems help maximize the secure storage of cannabis products and accessories. An RFID-enabled locker system effectively tracks who removes and replaces each asset in the system, along with when assets were placed in or taken from a locker. The technology also provides data on whether a specific asset is in the system, and if so, which locker it has been placed in.

In a fast-growing business such as the cannabis industry, it’s important to stay on top of ever-changing security requirements and regulations. Your security strategy should incorporate proven and easy-to-use methods to secure physical keys, cannabis assets, and access control to your facilities.

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