Las Vegas, NV (April 11, 2018) – Morse Watchmans, the industry leader in key control and asset management systems, is demonstrating how their KeyWatcher® Touch key management solution helps organizations keep data secure. On display at ISC West 2018 (booth #12109), KeyWatcher Touch provides comprehensive key management to a broad range of industries and business types, including server farms and datacenters.

“Data and cybersecurity are paramount today. With sensitive information being accessed via internet-connected endpoints throughout facilities, controlling the access to the areas containing these devices is an integral component of a truly comprehensive cybersecurity plan,” said Mr. Pires. “We’re proud to offer this proven technology to ensure the safety and integrity of important data.”

KeyWatcher Touch is Morse Watchmans’ proven key control platform, utilizing touch screen technology to control Morse Watchmans’ patented SmartKey system with KeyAnywhere technology that makes it simple to return a key to any key cabinet in a system. Updates to KeyWatcher Touch being showcased at ISC West include a new database design, a desktop fingerprint reader that allows users to enroll fingerprints through TrueTouch software, and the ability to utilize multiple KeyWatcher Touch server instances with a single SQL database.

With a large portion of cybersecurity and data breaches involving the theft of physical hardware, access control by way of key management has become a vital component in securing sensitive data. Internet-connected devices within an organization with access to internal networks can serve as a digital open door, providing unauthorized data access. Further, if physical access to server areas where data is stored is allowed, unauthorized users can easily copy or download the data to be used for a plethora of nefarious purposes, from theft of funds to corporate espionage.

By regulating and managing access to keys to the relevant areas within a facility, security teams can grant access only to those with proper clearance, be notified when keys are accessed or overdue to be returned, and create a report showing key access and return times. They can also see which users have taken keys, enabling security to know which people have accessed a relevant data storage area should an incident occur. KeyWatcher’s expansive list of features and capabilities makes controlling keys and physical access to data easy, convenient and secure.