London, England (June 16, 2015) – Morse Watchmans’ market-leading portfolio of key control and management solutions, featured this week at IFSEC at their booth (E1800), is helping organizations of every type improve operational security by providing innovative technology for comprehensive safeguarding and management of keys.

With experience as a driving force of product development, the company has created key control and management solutions that advance security levels and risk mitigation. Features such as scheduled reports, automatic email notifications, key reservations, mobile capability, key ring inventory, audio prompts and alarms, a new group interlock feature and now the SmartKey® Reader for easier and faster adding and updating of keys illustrates Morse Watchmans’ capabilities in providing state-of-the-art security solutions for key control and asset management.MWKI.jpg

“No matter the size or type of organization, the protection and controlled access to keys is fundamental to a safe and secure facility,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Morse Watchmans has advanced this premise with innovative technology to create higher levels of functionality and integration that help to ensure a more comprehensive solution for building security.”

Also reflecting Morse Watchmans’ focus on innovation is their recently updated Lenel Factory Certification that includes KeyWatcher Touch Key Management System support for v6.6 (2013) and v7.0 (2014) of Lenel’s OnGuard Access Control System. In addition to support for segmentation in the OnGuard system, Morse Watchmans has added an advanced card format builder utility to the module which makes it easier to add custom card formats.

Featured products at the Morse Watchmans booth include:

KeyWatcher Touch® offers the convenience of scheduled PDF reports that are automatically emailed to authorized recipients. Email delivery of customized or standard reports can be scheduled for any frequency or specific time, or they can be accessed using the Morse Watchmans smartphone app. System administrators have access to view or run reports as needed. The system also enables security management to easily notify a user via email when a key becomes overdue.

KeyWatcher TrueTouch® software has been updated to incorporate key ring inventory functionality. Now, multiple rings can be assigned to a single SmartKey, allowing users to more easily define what keys and rings should be associated with the SmartKey. The advanced TrueTouch software runs all programming, remote functions and reports for all KeyWatcher Touch locations, while the server synchronizes transactions and maintains the SQL database. Both access control systems and customized client control software interface with the server application.

KeyWatcher Illuminated® can be configured with a variety of modules and customized to specific user needs. Available modules include the credit/access card module and single and dual locker modules, which can be used in any KeyWatcher system to hold small valuable items.

The new SmartKey Reader is designed for use with the KeyWatcher Touch system and accompanying TrueTouch software and connects to a computer via the USB port. By simply inserting a SmartKey® into the free-standing SmartKey Reader appliance, users can add new keys to the system, delete keys, or identify existing keys – all from a single location, making it even more convenient to manage keys.

Also on display are the KeyBank® Key Control System that provides total accountability of large quantities of keys; KeyPro™ Software; KeyRings™; PowerCheck® Guard Tour System and TourPro™ Data Sorting Software.