Oxford, CT (June 9, 2015) – Morse Watchmans announces that their KeyWatcher Touch key control system supports C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management System from Software House, part of Tyco Security Products with the Stratus everRun Redundancy Solutions.

“The successful integration of these technologies effectively and reliably automates time-consuming tasks across the enterprise,” says Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “We are pleased that our KeyWatcher Touch key control system can be securely managed through the C•CURE 9000 with and without the everRun Enterprise solutions, enabling administers to access its many rich features.”

The KeyWatcher Touch system was successfully put through a set of defined tests at Tyco in Westford, MA. These tests focused on integration interoperability, security and performance between the systems. Morse Watchmans is the first partner to be tested with the new everRun Enterprise 7.2 (2-Node system).

C•CURE 9000 Enterprise provides an advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability, allowing each location to maintain local control, and corporate to have central control while all changes are automatically synchronized. With the successful completion of the integration testing, KeyWatcher Touch can now be run on C•CURE 9000 Satellite Application Servers (SAS) to maintain the system’s distributed approach.

“By integrating with Morse Watchman’s KeyWatcher Touch key control system, we offer customers greater value and opportunities to expand system functionality to fit their particular security needs,” said Jason Ouellette, Product Line Director, Access Control for Tyco Security Products. “We are committed to bringing key integrations onboard from industry leaders that we feel maximize the value of C•CURE 9000 for our customers.”

KeyWatcher Touch is also the first successful integration with C•CURE 9000’s new Redundancy solution which runs on Stratus’s everRun Enterprise platforms. The application provides an always-on operating environment for all components in the application and the integration with KeyWatcher Touch is seamless.

Together, Software House C•CURE 9000 and Morse Watchman’s KeyWatcher Touch key control system allow administrators to streamline the process of securing, controlling and tracking keys for their facility. At the head office or remotely, the integration provides users with more effective and efficient management of personnel, credentials and assets.

Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Touch offers the convenience of scheduled PDF reports that are automatically emailed to authorized recipients. Email delivery of customized or standard reports can be scheduled for any frequency or specific time. System administrators have access to view or run reports as needed. The system also enables security management to easily notify a user via email when a key becomes overdue.

C•CURE 9000 allows facilities to monitor events, manage personnel, create reports, display dynamic views and more anywhere in the world directly from a PC using the full C•CURE 9000 client, the web client, or on the move with the C•CURE Go mobile app. A single server and database provide an option to seamlessly unify access, video, intrusion, fire, and other supported security products in one intuitive interface.