Featured Solutions Include New EKG Kit for Enhanced Emergency Response

Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit

Emergency Key Grab Kit

Mexico City, Mexico (April 16, 2024)  Morse Watchmans, the industry leader in key control and asset management systems, is proud to be showcasing its line of key control and asset management solutions at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2024, April 16-18 at the Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City. Morse Watchman’s new Emergency Key Grab (EKG) EKG will be on display alongside additional key control and asset management solutions at stand # 1837.  

“Following a successful showing at ISC West, we look forward to taking our new and award-winning products south to the most important event for the security industry in Latin America,” said Tim Purpura, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Our presence at Expo Seguridad affords us the opportunity to engage with a diverse audience of security professionals, exchange insights, and better understand the pressing security challenges faced by businesses and organizations across the region.”

The new EKG Kit centers around Morse Watchmans’ flagship electronic key control system, the KeyWatcher® Touch electronic key cabinet, and includes additional materials and support required to provide first responders with fast, protected access to facility keys in the event of an active shooter, natural disaster, or other emergency. With every complete EKG deployment, facilities benefit from both a controlled, known location for master keys as well as the implementation of a complete key control policy developed with the help of Morse Watchmans experts. This significantly improves response times and effectiveness during critical incidents and gives stakeholders peace of mind, knowing that the space they are occupying is equipped with robust security measures to handle emergencies efficiently.  

The EKG Kit is ideal for any facility where lockdown procedures are enacted during critical events. This includes schools, hospitals, airports, public venues, government buildings, critical infrastructure sites, data centers, and more.

Additional product offerings on display at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2024 include KeyWatcher Fleet® for automotive fleet management applications, KeyBank® Touch for large quantities of keys and SmartKey® Locker Touch System for the storage and tracking of larger objects. These solutions, coupled with Morse Watchmans’ industry-leading software, service and support, ensure the safety and security of a variety of physical assets.  

For more information about Morse Watchmans’ product offerings, visit www.morsewatchmans.com or visit us at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2024 stand #1837.  


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