Gallagher Command Center Access Control Newest to List of Integration Partners

Las Vegas, NV (October 3, 2017) – Morse Watchmans’ list of integration partners continues to grow with the release of Gallagher’s Command Centre Access Control System integration module for its flagship KeyWatcher Touch system. The new module, featured here at G2E, enables users to map Command Centre access groups with KeyWatcher Touch profiles, allowing new users to be added to the system from Gallagher’s Command Centre.

“KeyWatcher’s open architecture platform provides business and security advantages for casinos based on centralized control as well as investment protection,” said Fernando Pires, VP of Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “With our new module integrating Gallagher’s Command Centre and KeyWatcher Touch, time-consuming tasks are effectively and reliably automated across the enterprise.”

Among other efficiency benefits provided by the integration is the ability for users in the Command Centre to be assigned to a specific KeyWatcher Touch access group. This automatically adds both the user and associated profile to sites for access to specified keys. Alarms and events from the KeyWatcher Touch system can be configured and sent to the Command Centre for monitoring.

“This integration solution eliminates duplication and provides the end user with a more secure environment,” said Rob Hughes, Security Consultant at Gallagher Security.