Orlando, FL (September 12, 2016) – Morse Watchmans today introduced a new generation CPU for its KeyWatcher® Touch system that is faster, stronger and more adaptable to meet and exceed the needs of current and future applications.

According to Fernando Pires, VP of Sales and Marketing at Morse Watchmans, KeyWatcher Touch Gen2 is actually four generations improved from its predecessor. The increase in processor speed, coupled with memory, offers vastly improved performance with a much more sensitive touchscreen, faster user interface and improved sync times that are 7-10 times faster than before.

“The ongoing trend toward enterprise-wide security system integration necessitates a faster and more powerful engine for our key management system. Now, users can experience enhanced system operation with the added benefit and confidence that overall physical security is improved,” said Mr. Pires.

Driven by a powerful upgraded processor and operating system, the CPU’s faster speeds improve sync time when encrypting and decrypting communication data. Lists of keys or users in selection screens also show much more quickly and key selection by number/name is faster and more responsive. Memory capacity and speed has also been increased, and the number of USB ports has been doubled to 6. USB ports now support up to 32GB high speed flash drives for more efficient data transfer than previous configurations.

The new CPU fully supports gigabit networks that are now commonplace as well as a new dedicated remote display video cable with an increased maximum length of 40 feet.

Mr. Pires adds, “Our Gen2 CPU represents a new high point in performance and value for KeyWatcher Touch. Users can leverage these benefits to improve safety and security in their facility through full-featured system integration.”