New Features Include Audible Prompts and Group Interlock Capability

Las Vegas, NV (April 15, 2015) – Morse Watchmans is showcasing new product upgrades to their industry leading KeyWatcher® Touch key management system at this year’s ISC West. Enhancements include audible prompts that will increase user convenience; alarms to indicate user violations; and a group interlock feature that will provide added control for high security applications.

“Our customers tell us they want improvements that let them streamline procedures and enhance security,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “With the introduction of these new KeyWatcher Touch features, those concerns have been addressed and users will experience significant gains in convenience, efficiencies and control.”

The KeyWatcher Touch has been outfitted with an audio jack to allow connection to a speaker for audio prompts and alarm sounds. Prompts for the key remove and return process include instructions for door opening and closing and key removal and return. The system will also generate an audible alarm for infractions such as overdue keys, return violations and so on.

The group interlock features allows any SmartKey to be interlocked with a group of keys, thereby giving users the option to increase the security level of certain keys. For instance, if there is a key already out from the group that was selected, the requested key interlocked with that group cannot be removed from the key control cabinet. The new feature is ideal for use in gaming and correctional facilities where standardized procedures must be followed.