KeyWatcher® Illuminated
module types 

Key and Card Modules

8 Key Module.jpg
8 Key Module
16 Key Module.jpg
16 Key Module
Folger Adam Key Module.jpg
Folger Adam Key Module
CreditAccess Card Module.jpg
Credit/Access Card Module

Locker Modules

Single Locker Module
Dual Locker Module.jpg
Dual Locker Module
PC Locker Module.jpg
PC Locker Module
Radio Module.jpg
Radio Module

Modular, Scalable Design Lets You Customize Your KeyWatcher System

From a single key management system to multiple key control cabinets holding hundreds of keys, it’s easy to expand KeyWatcher as your needs grow. Each additional unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced KeyPro software.

The KeyWatcher key box cabinet can hold keys of almost any size, including Folger Adam keys. Plus, the systems are capable of incorporating additional lockers for valuable items. Available modules include 16-key, 8-key, 6-key, card, and a variety of locker sizes. These key modules can be customized in a wide range of cabinet sizes. 

You can even create your own customized cabinet system online using our KeyWatcher Configurator.