Please read the following prior to downloading this application!

By downloading this application and providing the ID #, you are authorizing the Morse Watchman Support Representative that you are
working with, access to your computer via a secure remote desktop connection. You are also agreeing that Morse Watchmans will not be
held liable or responsible for any computer or software related issues that may or may not be due to the actions of the MWI representative.

At any time, you may end the session by closing out of the Quick Support application. Our technicians will only perform tasks that are
related to the troubleshooting of a problem with the MWI product in question.

Please be sure that running this software complies with your companies policy on computer use. If you are unsure about this or any
of the above terms, please let the Support Representative know. We will do our best to answer any questions and provide as much information
as possible.


Download Size: 8.0MB



  1. Choose the “Run” option if you only need to use this application once, or plan to download again if needed. This will NOT
    save the application, but will run it once it has downloaded.
  2. Choose the “Save” option if you wish to save the file to your computer for future use. Typically, choosing save will
    save the file to the “Downloads” folder. When choosing this option, you may still be prompted to run the application depending on the
    browser being used. If not, use file explorer to navigate to the downloads folder, and then run the “MWI-QuickSupport.exe” file.
  3. If you are unsure of what to do, please ask the support representative you are working with for assistance. Once the
    Quick Support application is running, please give the technician the “Your ID” number listed to begin the remote support session.