Each day millions of standard keys are used in businesses, from small to large, and across many types of industries.

Physical keys continue to be the most effective way to secure doors, rooms, closets, offices, cabinets, vehicles and more, in airports, data centers, warehouses and schools, in addition to car dealerships, casinos, and sports stadiums.

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In fact, due to the layout of many businesses, such as construction sites and hotel properties that use large fleets of vehicles, physical keys are often the preferred access control technology by security officers, facility managers, and maintenance directors.

In times of increasingly sophisticated physical and cyber threats, it is more important than ever to secure your physical keys. The best way to do so is through an electronic key control solution.

There are multiple benefits to using an electronic key control system. First, the system ensures a high level of security as it allows key access only by authorized users, using preset PIN codes, access cards, or biometrics. Keys taken out or returned to the electronic key cabinet are instantly tracked and reported. When keys are not accessed or returned on time, email or text alerts are immediately sent to administration. You can even assign different access levels to individual or groups of employees. With an electronic key control system, you will know exactly how long a key has been out of the key cabinet and exactly who removed it.


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Electronic key control systems also allow for accountability and reporting, which is especially useful for businesses who are required to meet state or federal regulations. Each time the key cabinet is accessed, an audit trail is created that can be used in the event of an investigation or to prove compliance. Alternatively, the information can be used to track other business data, such as time and attendance.

Reduced liability is another benefit of an electronic key control system. Knowing where each key is, at all times, can help to prevent the likelihood of more serious crimes on your property. Employees, staff and visitors feel safer and overall, the workplace environment is improved.

A system that is easy to use is yet an additional reason to considering using an electronic key control system. Quick, easy-to-use software with clear displays and an intuitive interface requires little training and offers tremendous value for busy employees.

Electronic key control systems are ideal for any business, as they provide a robust and highly functional mode of securing any facility from theft, damage, property and other types of losses.

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