Managing keys using traditional methods can be a nightmare for commercial property management. Lost keys, misplaced fobs, and inefficient tracking lead to wasted time, security vulnerabilities, frustrated tenants, and increased costs from rekeying doors.

Inefficient key management also poses significant liability risks, can negatively impact your business reputation, and complicates compliance with local regulations. At the same time, ensuring that tenants feel safe is crucial for retention, as break-ins and turnover can affect profitability. Additionally, managing the exchange of keys during tenant turnover presents the risk of keys going missing or falling into the wrong hands.

Morse Watchmans offers a comprehensive solution to handle your key control challenges. Our advanced key management systems provide:

  • Enhanced Security: Track every key and receive instant alerts on unauthorized access attempts.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automate key checkout and return, eliminating manual logs and wasted time.
  • Simplified Compliance: Maintain a complete audit trail for effortless compliance with local regulations.
  • Reduced Costs: Minimize rekeying expenses and streamline tenant move-in/out processes.
  • Increased Satisfaction: Provide tenants with secure, 24/7 access to their keys, boosting their satisfaction.

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With our scalable solutions, you can gain complete control over your key infrastructure, no matter the size or complexity of your properties. Morse Watchmans key control systems provide a comprehensive solution, from granting secure access for contractors to simplifying tenant key management.

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Secure Maintenance and Equipment Protection

Beyond security, key control systems offer significant benefits for commercial property maintenance and equipment protection. These systems grant temporary access to specific areas for contractors, even when building tenants or managers are not present. For example, plumbers or HVAC technicians can be granted access to electrical rooms without entering the entire property.

This streamlined approach safeguards high-value assets like landscaping equipment and snowplows. Authorized personnel retrieve the necessary key from a secure electronic cabinet and return it upon completion. The entire process is documented with an audit trail that logs the user, time, and specific key accessed, ensuring accountability and strengthening overall security.

The KeyWatcher® Touch is designed for effortless property management, keeping keys secure and organized. This modular key cabinet system allows customization with key hooks, card slots, or lockers. You can track keys and users with user-friendly software, receive instant alerts for access, and integrate it seamlessly with your existing system for a complete solution. KeyWatcher® Touch simplifies your daily operations, all in one place.

Additionally, SmartKey® Locker Systems provide secure, centralized storage for valuable equipment (like radios and tools), minimizing loss or damage and reducing replacement costs. These lockers eliminate wasted time searching for misplaced tools, allowing crews to focus on core tasks.

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Rapid and Secure Emergency Response

Commercial properties need to ensure rapid responder access during emergencies. Key control systems facilitate prompt and secure entry during situations like water leaks, heating issues, or fires. Authorized individuals can retrieve keys from electronic cabinets, with every action meticulously logged, including the person’s name and time of access, enhancing accountability and security.

For enhanced emergency preparedness, the Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit is designed specifically for commercial properties. The EKG Kit features a KeyWatcher Touch System that securely stores facility keys. During a lockdown, first responders can use a unique PIN or credential to swiftly retrieve the necessary keys, enabling rapid access to locked areas. The EKG Kit ensures that only authorized personnel can access the keys, providing both security and efficiency in critical situations.

Key control for emergency access, such as the EKG Kit, significantly improves security during critical incidents and gives tenants peace of mind, knowing their space is equipped to handle emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Streamline Tenant Management/Turnover

Commercial properties need comprehensive key management for the hundreds of people who work in, live in, or visit their buildings. Management can rely on key control solutions to regulate key distribution and maintain accountability. A key management system provides building managers with flexible, secure storage and distribution, minimizing the risks associated with lost, misplaced, or stolen keys and significantly reducing the costs of rekeying doors.

Tenant turnover and the associated exchange of keys present a significant challenge. Key management systems ensure that the handover process is seamless, reducing the likelihood of keys going missing or falling into the wrong hands. This reliable control over key access helps maintain security during tenant transitions, providing peace of mind for both new and departing tenants.

Additionally, ensuring tenant retention is crucial for maintaining profitability, as turnover and break-ins can negatively impact profits and perception. Key management systems such as the KeyBank® Touch offer an intuitive interface with the KeyAnywhere feature that enables you to return keys to any system within your network. Use KeyFind to locate keys or identify users. Improved integration capabilities and our patented SmartKey system ensure robust security. With a modular design and scalability, you can manage up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users per site effortlessly.

This allows users to leave notes for key removal and sends notifications to staff or tenants about key usage. This heightened level of security ensures tenants feel safe, reinforcing their trust in the property’s management and contributing to higher tenant retention rates.

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Bolster Security Offices and Checkpoints

In commercial properties, security offices and checkpoints are pivotal in maintaining overall safety and integrity. Effective key control in these areas ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive zones and high-value assets. This is crucial in preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring that security operations run smoothly.

Key control systems are designed to manage and monitor key usage with precision. They enable security personnel to control and track all keys, restrict access to authorized individuals, and monitor the movement of keys in real-time. This meticulous oversight is essential in high-security environments, where the potential impact of lost or stolen keys can be significant. By providing a detailed audit trail of key usage, these systems enhance accountability and ensure that all key-related activities are documented and secure.

Two advanced solutions tailored for security offices and checkpoints are KeyWatcher® Touch and KeyBank® Touch. KeyWatcher® Touch offers a modular, customizable key management system that tracks keys and users with user-friendly software, seamlessly integrating with existing security protocols. This allows security officers to quickly access and return keys, ensuring that key usage is always monitored and controlled. KeyBank® Touch features a 7" touchscreen interface and advanced integration capabilities, providing scalable and secure key management for up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users per site. With the KeyAnywhere feature, keys can be returned to any system within the network, enhancing flexibility and efficiency for security personnel. Both systems are designed to bolster security operations, improving the safety and operational effectiveness of commercial properties.

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