Embassies, consulates, and military bases are some of the best-protected government facilities in terms of physical security. As with other standard operating procedures within the military, there is a written policy for the management of keys, access cards, and handheld devices. For example, army key control or army fleet management is usually handled by a custodian who keeps a physical record of key usage and motor pool operations. In support of today’s stringent military standards, Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch are replacing manual procedures with automated control and real-time accountability.

Simple Military Key Access Control & Reporting — No Logs or Forms

Your military key access control administrators can easily manage permissions and audit any key’s current status or transaction history on demand or by a set schedule. By using military key logging software, custodians can generate effective management reports that trace key movements by time, date, and user code. These audit reports also track overdue keys, inconsistent key usage, and database listings highlighting the system’s programming. This ensures you can always get the information you need when you need it without having to sift through stacks of paperwork.

Custom Military Key Cabinet Modules Secure More Than Just Keys

One of the attributes that make military key management systems so useful is their ability to be customized. SmartKey Locker modules can be configured for the specific application, such as plastic key card slots or large lockers for laptops, weapons, and handheld radios. Our military key access control systems work seamlessly with common access cards (CACs) and fleet gas cards, and also offer biometric identity verification options for added security. Transitioning from a legacy key control policy can be accomplished with minimal disruption to your military operations.

Government Building Key Management Systems with a Tough, Vandal-Resistant Design

Authorized off-site personnel can access the system remotely and even receive SMS¹ and e-mail alerts if a key becomes overdue. Our military key control cabinets are constructed with rugged stainless steel, available with either stainless steel or high-impact polycarbonate clear-front doors. Each cabinet or key module is designed with a tamper-proof mechanism that will sound an alarm if the unit is damaged, if incorrect codes are repeatedly entered, or if the door is open for an extended period.

Government Building Key Access Control Systems with Top Class Technical Support

All products are backed by an industry-leading warranty and free lifetime technical support. Contact Morse Watchmans today and simplify key tracking while improving security, reducing paperwork, and eliminating lost keys and other assets at your site.

¹ SMS alerts available for KeyWatcher Touch only.


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Other Markets

Law Enforcement

Protect radios, body cameras, weapons and more with our key and asset management solutions.

Cannabis Industry

In a cash-heavy industry with intense regulations, KeyWatcher provides audit trails and tight security so you can remain in compliance.