Key management systems for hotels and resorts help control the hundreds or thousands of keys used regularly by staff, contractors and guests. These include the key sets used by housekeeping and maintenance, as well as master keys to guest rooms, keys to cash boxes and others.

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Access to each different type of key must be limited to those individuals who are authorized to use them. Some keys or key sets also need to be allocated according to a specific schedule – for example, those used by housekeeping shifts. It is essential that each key be available when it is needed.

Hotel Key Tracking Software and Reports

By integrating hotel key inventory software, facility managers can easily control reporting and program access capabilities. For example, when an employee has called in sick, and another staff member must cover for that individual, the manager can remotely authorize access to a key cabinet rather than physically traveling to the site to release a key. The best hotel key control software can run activity reports and sort based on different criteria, allowing management to generate useful information to help mitigate access control issues.

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All key activity including the time and the individual’s name is automatically recorded. Alerts can be sent to the floor manager if an individual tries to remove a key that he or she is not authorized to use, or to leave the building without returning a key.

Hotel Key-Systems Generate Proven ROI

One metric used to determine hotel key system ROI is employee productivity. Consider the ROI when key control cabinets are installed on various floors of the hotel for the housekeeping staff. With hotel key systems, there is no more wasted time receiving assignments, signing key logs, and punching in or out, which can help save 12 to 15 minutes. Multi-language programming can further improve this process. 

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Protecting the Devices that Protect Employees

A 2016 survey reported that 49% of hotel housekeepers surveyed in Chicago had experienced sexual harassment from male guests. This reflects a widespread issue faced by the hospitality industry. To protect employees, many hotels and resorts have issued wearable panic buttons that instantly alert security management of an incident that requires a response.

These devices are mandated by law in a number of states and cities. Because they are shared among employees who work different shifts, the panic button devices also need to be controlled and tracked. Key cabinets are ideal to provide this benefit.

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