Key management systems help support security and management objectives in a variety of public venues, from concert halls to sports stadiums. With a range of public and private areas and complex layouts, access at these facilities presents unique challenges that require unique solutions. The use of key control systems helps to keep them both accessible and secure.

Area Segregation for Large Employee Rosters

Public venues have a multitude of employees, many of whom require individualized permissions for secure areas. Housekeeping, concessions, and management all require access to different areas of the facility. The use of key control systems ensures that employees are only allowed access to the keys for the areas which they are authorized to enter, and denotes which keys have been taken and by whom, helping protect the venue from liability issues.

Key Management Allows Targeted Key Distribution

A large public venue such as a sports stadium has many sensitive areas that can require special access permission—including practice fields, management offices, private suites, kitchens, and more. Key management allows individual keying of each of these locations and unique individual users or groups of users with specific access authorities for each key. With key management, security has precise control over complex key distribution requirements.

Cost-Effective Key Management

Most public venues have a number of master keys. Without adequate controls in place, these master keys could be easily stolen or lost, requiring expensive rekeying of large parts of a facility, or even the entire facility. With key management, master keys are securely stored and their removal and return is accurately tracked and recorded. A key management system can also provide increased accountability for master key removal, requiring dual presence of authorized users in some cases to retrieve and replace keys to the most sensitive areas. Securely storing and accounting for high-value keys prevents expensive re-keying on large facilities.

Efficient and Effective Solutions for Public Venues

A great number of people move in and out of public venues every day. Efficient access control is crucial to business operations at these venues. A venue might have a tour early in the day, a rehearsal in the afternoon, and a performance in the evening. Each of these events requires different staff and visitor access authorities and each has different security needs. Key management allows efficient access to different parts of a complex venue as needed, convenient key return, accountability for key removal, and much more, helping to keep the facility, its staff and its visitors safe and secure.


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