Automotive dealerships and rental fleets have a need to track car key activity, reduce unauthorized access, and cut down on the misplacement of keys. One of the most secure options to address all these needs is a car dealership key management system designed to control access to keys in a vehicle lot, servicing bay, or inspection shop. Each key secured in a KeyBank Auto or KeyBank Touch system is attached to a locking device with a unique identification chip. Dealership keys are accessed and returned only by pre-authorized individuals using a PIN code or other identification methods (e.g., access cards, biometrics). 

Car Dealership Key Management Eliminates Costly Losses

Monitoring dozens or hundreds of vehicles, lost keys, mystery mileage, and unexplained damage can lead to unnecessary expenses. Morse Watchmans’ dealership key storage systems help you track where all your keys are — and where they’ve all been — all in real time. These systems offer a tangible and proven ROI. For example, a typical car key costs approximately $100 to replace, and a remote key fob may cost as much as $480 to replace — costs that quickly escalate when incurred in a large dealership. Unauthorized vehicle use and damage can cost even more. Morse Watchmans’ dealership key storage systems can help quickly cut down or eliminate these issues.

Dealership Key Storage Systems Adapted to your Business Needs

Car dealership or rental lot managers can quickly audit the status and history of a single vehicle or whole fleet with a dealership key storage system from Morse Watchmans. Custom reports provide insight into model popularity, employee performance, vehicle use, and more, and the accumulated key usage data can be analyzed for both inventory and sales effectiveness. In addition, key control systems thwart dealership criminals who attempt to replace keys with a counterfeit after a test drive. In other cases, the key control system will alert management if an employee has kept a key out when it should be returned.

Faster, Better Service with Dealership Key Management Software

With key reservation functionality, sales staff meeting a customer for a test drive can be confident that the vehicle will be waiting for them at the scheduled time. For example, a salesperson engaged with a customer on the lot can simply log into the system on a tablet or mobile phone to see if keys are available for a test drive. No more wasted time looking for keys while the customer grows impatient. During day to day operations, key tracking software will receive automatic SMS¹ and email alerts that inform them if a key becomes overdue.

Networkable & Scalable Car Key Storage Systems

Car key storage systems also offer robust networking functionality for efficient LAN access and network storage, as well as data synchronization for all systems on the network. Whatever your needs, both systems are expandable to grow with your business. Never lose another sale to missing keys again!

¹ SMS alerts available for KeyWatcher Touch only.

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Other Markets

Fleet Management 

Increase the life and optimize utilization of your expensive investments with key control and vehicle management all in one.

City & Municipality

Controlling access to public offices with private information requires comprehensive key control with data to back it up.