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Automotive Key Management Systems Provide Added Security for Car Dealerships

Fernando Pires May 4, 2016
Fernando Pires

Automobile sales have helped lead the US economic recovery over the past few years and their continued strong pace is good news for the industry and the economy in general. Increased sales also provide an opportunity for dealerships to re-visit additional security measures that may have been put on hold. Of the many technologies available, one of the most effective is the use of an automotive key management system to track and secure vehicle keys.

These computerized systems are designed specifically for securing and electronically tracking vehicle keys in the dealership. Keys are logged into the system software and attached to locking devices called SmartKeys that are then inserted into slots in the key system’s cabinet. All key usage is automatically recorded and tracked and the system provides the status of every key as well as full accountability for who has or had which key and for which vehicle.

Vehicle keys can only be accessed by pre-authorized users after entering their PIN or biometric credential. Once the information has been verified, the key cabinet can be opened and the requested key removed. All other keys remain locked firmly in place. The tamper-resistant cabinets feature a built-in alarm that will sound if a user tries to force the cabinet door open or dislodge a key with force.

The use of a key bank management system provides the added security that can help prevent incidents such as one that occurred recently in Tampa, Florida. Thieves broke into an automobile dealership, took several car keys that were stored in a lock box and, with accomplices waiting in the lot, proceeded to drive off with eight cars and damage 14 others.

Even in a growing economy, dealerships need every advantage and automated key bank systems are a proven solution.

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