Protecting Our Nation’s Treasures with Automated Key Control Systems

The American countryside is filled with historic sites and points of interest that tell the history of the nation and people. Whether it’s George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon, the Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin Estate in Wisconsin or the Mission churches along the California coast, these sites typically contain priceless artifacts that must be kept under lock and key. In many of these locations, an automated key control and management system helps site officials maintain the safekeeping of the items and to track who had access to the keys that protect them. Continue reading

Beyond the Wristband: Improving Retail Security with Key Control Systems

Security procedures in many retail stores are often a balancing act between convenience and security. Customers want to browse and purchase without restrictions and staff and management want to serve customers quickly and efficiently. In order to achieve these goals, you will often see sales staff wearing a coiled wrist band with keys attached to allow them to easily access secured display cases for jewelry, cameras and other small, valuable items, depending on the store. Continue reading

Key Control Systems Answer the Call for Fire Station Safety and Security

Key control systems are commonly used across the country in municipal buildings such as police stations, administrative offices, museums, libraries and more. The systems are designed to safely store keys when not in use and, when accessed, provide a data trail for auditing purposes. These features have also made key control systems the ideal solution for fire stations where safety and security are critical issues. Continue reading

Integration and Custom Design Enhance Key Control Solution

The open architecture of physical security technology has made it easier and more convenient to integrate various security elements for operational ease and improved safety and security of employees, visitors, premises and material/intellectual property. With increasing frequency, key control and asset management systems are playing strategic roles in these integrated systems.  Continue reading

Service and Support Contracts Add Value

With so many purchase options available for security and surveillance equipment solutions, service and support considerations may sometimes take a back seat to price, features and product quality. However, for mission-critical applications such as key control and asset management, service and support of the equipment needs to be a top priority. Protecting the investment, along with the safety and security of people and assets, starts with good service and support. Continue reading