How correctional facilities security has changed - and how It hasn't

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How correctional facilities security has changed - and how It hasn't

Security is nowhere more important than in a correctional facility, where convicted criminals are contained away from society. It’s critical that the facility be tightly secured, to ensure that prisoners do not escape or create other risks. As such, correctional facilities have often been at the forefront of security technology and procedure, even as they have evolved and changed. Many shifts are occurring in the modern day correctional industry, such as changes in methodology as the industry becomes more privatized and increased focus on minimum and lower-security facilities. As prison populations continue to rise, it’s increasingly important to properly secure the changing correctional landscape.

Folger Adam: a corrections facility key with a history

Between the years 1980 and 2008, the number of Americans in prison quadrupled. Today, over 2 million adults are incarcerated in the United States, requiring significant security to keep prisoners confined and away from society. The success of a correctional facility—its ability to keep prisoners locked safely away—depends to a large degree on the efficacy of its locks. The locks used to keep prisoners in their cells, cell blocks, and within the prison itself are a big part of what keep those prisoners from reentering society until their time is served. Given their importance, it’s worth taking a moment to consider what locks are utilized in correctional settings, how they came to be used, and how they operate. And one important piece of that story is the Folger Adam key.

Keeping Law Enforcement Possessions Out of The Wrong Hands

In order to protect and serve communities and ensure that criminals are brought to justice, law enforcement officers often need to carry assets that are either dangerous, such as firearms, or sensitive, such as mobile devices with stored evidentiary information. Keeping these assets out of the wrong hands is vital to ensuring that judiciary procedure is followed, and people are not endangered by dangerous weaponry or hazardous materials. Employing an asset management solution can help in several ways to make sure that law enforcement possessions are tracked and secured.

Advanced key control systems support regulatory compliance

Complying with regulations is usually not the reason organizations go into business – but it can certainly affect whether they stay in business.

Welcome to the New Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans has always aimed to help organizations strengthen security and accountability, eliminate losses, and improve efficiency. To support the changing needs of businesses, we developed a range of key control and asset management products that continue to evolve as our customers’ needs do. It’s also why we developed the new Morse Watchmans website you see today.

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