5 Benefits of Key Control For Small Municipalities and Medium Size Cities

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5 Benefits of Key Control For Small Municipalities and Medium Size Cities

Securing smart cities with smart locks might be the next big thing – but what about securing small and mid-sized municipalities and cities that still rely on traditional locks and keys? With so much talk about the use of keyless entry, it seems as though the reliance on physical keys that persists throughout all municipalities has been largely overlooked.

Key Control Solutions Meet Universal Security Objectives

In Japan, it is customary to remove one’s shoes when entering a home, temple or shrine. Italians usually only drink cappuccino in the mornings. Don’t expect to go shopping on Sundays in Vienna because all the stores are closed. In Costa Rica, one is not expected to tip the wait staff as a service charge is already included in the bill.

Expanding the Use of Automated Key Control Systems

The market for automated key control systems has increasingly expanded as end users across a broad plane discover the benefits of controlling access to valuable keys. New markets for automated key control and management systems now go beyond traditional applications in the corrections, healthcare, education, gaming or multi-family markets as well as specific applications such as automotive dealerships.

Key Control Systems Bring Holiday Peace of Mind

During the holidays, it is especially important to observe all safety and security practices in your facilities so that the season can be enjoyed by all. Among other measures, a reliable key control and management system can help to ensure holiday peace of mind.

Benefits of Key Control in Recreational Areas

Across the country, budgets for federal, state and local parks are taking a hit on operational expenses in an effort to reduce financial deficits. And while this usually means limited capital expenditures or no additional employees, it can also mean stepped-up measures throughout the parks to help protect premises and assets.

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