Securing Valuable Assets in the Airline Industry

Ground support at airports and air fields is a critical component in ensuring that airplanes fly on time, properly serviced and without mechanical issues. Airport ground support equipment (GSE) helps to fulfill a broad range of services for the aircraft, from cargo loading to beverage services to refueling to fuselage maintenance. To perform these duties quickly and precisely, allowing for speedy equipment turnaround, ground support personnel must act as a well-oiled machine.

3 Major Benefits of Hotel Key Control Systems

Whether it’s the lure of endless sunshine in Arizona, snow-laden mountains in Colorado or the sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Florida, the hotel industry across the country is thriving due to strong occupancy rates. In fact, PKF Hospitality Research predicts record U.S. hotel occupancy rates through 2017.

Key Control Technology Designed for System Integration

Lost keys, unauthorized duplicate sets of keys and manual tracking of keys are just some of the challenges faced by management using conventional key/lock systems. But given the overall convenience and cost-effectiveness of these devices, the need for – and management of – physical keys continues to play a significant role in an organization’s overall security strategy.

Welcome to the New Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans has always aimed to help organizations strengthen security and accountability, eliminate losses, and improve efficiency. To support the changing needs of businesses, we developed a range of key control and asset management products that continue to evolve as our customers’ needs do. It’s also why we developed the new Morse Watchmans website you see today.

Integrating Key Management and Control Systems with Access Control Systems

A systems approach to physical security offers many benefits to the user, including solutions that offer greater functionality, improved cost effectiveness and added modularity. For example, the integration of video surveillance with access control systems is fast becoming an industry norm and this kind of collaboration has helped to establish a de facto standard for integration implementations. Vendors, system integrators and end users have learned that by opening protocols to a wide range of integration partners, it is possible to implement connectivity across systems on any level.

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