The Best Way to Protect the Panic Buttons That Protect Hotel Employees

On July 1, 2018, the “Hands Off, Pants On” law went into effect in Chicago.

Keeping Law Enforcement Possessions Out of The Wrong Hands

In order to protect and serve communities and ensure that criminals are brought to justice, law enforcement officers often need to carry assets that are either dangerous, such as firearms, or sensitive, such as mobile devices with stored evidentiary information. Keeping these assets out of the wrong hands is vital to ensuring that judiciary procedure is followed, and people are not endangered by dangerous weaponry or hazardous materials. Employing an asset management solution can help in several ways to make sure that law enforcement possessions are tracked and secured.

Top 5 Challenges Stadiums Face

A stadium environment is a complex one, with varied areas of security, multiple services provided in different areas of the arena, tiered accesses for VIPs, talent, staff, and others, and of course, the huge crowds that sports, concerts, and other events draw. Properly securing every area of a stadium, while also ensuring that appropriate access is efficiently granted to authorized persons, is a massive undertaking for stadium security, that can create big security risks. Below are some common challenges faced in a stadium or arena facility:

How to Identify Vulnerabilities in Your Key Management System

Maintaining a secure environment is becoming more and more of a challenge as the internet and other technologies create the potential for threats at a rapid pace. As the complexity of security systems grows, it’s essential to make sure that oldest of security technologies—keys—is being properly managed, maintained, and secured. It’s a surprising fact that one of the most common ways that hackers get access to data is by breaking into a facility and stealing laptops or server hardware. Should any of your keys fall into the wrong hands, it could create a domino effect for your entire security system, as criminals gain entry to otherwise secure areas and make off with your intellectual property. It’s therefore essential to identify possible vulnerabilities in your key management system, and take preventative measures against future issues.

Keeping Keys Safe is Critical for University Campuses

As universities teach, provide accommodation for, and create associations of greater numbers of students every year, security becomes more and more of a challenge. Universities are often large enough to be considered small cities unto themselves – many universities have a system of campuses, each with a variety of buildings and a variety of security needs. With such a sprawling enterprise to look after, administrators may sometimes be unaware of the risks they incur. This can present a multitude of vulnerabilities for which a university needs to consider solutions.

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