Drop Box and Counting Room Procedures Made Simple with Automated Key Control Reporting

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Drop Box and Counting Room Procedures Made Simple with Automated Key Control Reporting

Casinos and gaming facilities have some of the strictest security of any type of organization. This must further conform to rigid compliance regulations to ensure that operations are valid and both patrons and employees are protected. Among these, the procedures for collecting money and chips from drop boxes have some of the most stringent rules covering virtually every step in their processing, to help ensure that theft and fraud do not occur.

3 Ways Electronic Key Control Can Improve Your Gaming Facility

Casinos and other gaming facilities must consider a great number of security concerns to function properly. They must contend with large crowds, deal with massive sums of cash, comply with strict regulations, and protect all of their extensive physical property and assets. Significant resources are utilized within gaming facilities to ensure that the building, employees, visitors, and assets are protected and secured. To reduce casino liability and create an effective security management program, one of the most important components is key control.

Maintaining compliance in gaming with comprehensive key control

Security for casinos is governed by strict rules and regulations to ensure that operations are aboveboard and that patrons and employees are safe within the premises. These regulations are established by various agencies within the government—local, state, federal, and tribal regulations can all be in place to govern casino security, and can differ from region to region. All casinos and other gaming institutions must be sure to maintain compliance to these regulations to avoid fines or business interruptions, and to ensure consistent operations.

Why Las Vegas is still a town full of keys

Las Vegas is unique in the American landscape: it’s a brightly lit tourist destination unlike any other, where money changes hands often and many tourists are looking to lose themselves on a getaway. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas—but only because Las Vegas has the security to ensure that tourists, gamblers, and employees are protected.

Key control a constant in gaming compliance regulations

In 2016, the United States gaming industry generated $73.1 billion, growing at an annual rate of 2.0%. These statistics include data from over 1,000 brick-and-mortar casinos located across 40 states, over 15,000 bars, restaurants and truck stops offering limited stakes gaming across six States, and nine iGaming operators.

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