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Accessing Business Intelligence through Software Generated Key Management Reports

Fernando Pires April 3, 2013
Fernando Pires

Regardless of how it is measured, digital information is an often untapped source of business intelligence. And while there is temptation to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available to us, there is also potential to translate the data into useful and actionable intelligence.

Software designed specifically for key control and asset management systems can help achieve this potential by delivering the right information at the right time to the right people on their choice of devices. Whether it’s a daily report listing which keys were accessed, at what times and by whom or an exception report indicating keys that were not accessed as scheduled, key control data has the ability to reveal insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Key usage data provides a wide range of business intelligence and programmed reports are the easiest and most effective method of assembling and viewing the information. Easy to read reports are generated in portrait or landscape mode with color interspaced lines. Reports can be viewed on an as needed basis, periodically or they can be pushed to authorized personnel through the use of scheduled reports. Email delivery of customized or standard reports can be scheduled for any frequency or specific time, or they can be accessed using a smart phone app. System administrators have access to view or run reports as needed.

Programming of the software can be conveniently accomplished with an easy to use client interface. Remote functions and profile features designed to quickly assign users key and group permission levels add to the system functionality. Users can be added from a global list and all settings are automatically synchronized across the system.

Investments in key control and asset management systems are optimized with reporting software. There are clear benefits to be gained and whether the information is something management is looking for or feedback that points to a security issue, key management reports provide it all.

What's next? It’s clear why building managers can benefit from actionable business reports from their key tracking systems. Learn more about key tracking systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.

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