Key Control Systems Critical to Vehicle Fleet Management Strategy

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Key Control Systems Critical to Vehicle Fleet Management Strategy

Advanced vehicle fleet management strategy requires a range of high-tech solutions such as mechanical diagnostics, vehicle tracking systems and intelligent software programs. Along with these tools, a key control and management system can help maintain the security of the vehicles while also providing data that can be used to improve operational efficiencies.

Unlike traditional key boxes which are often only a locked metal or wooden box, electronic key cabinets are constructed of high gauge steel with polycarbonate windows and are almost impervious to vandalism. Also distinct from manual key boxes, automated key control systems are designed to sound an alarm if there is an illegal entry or removal of a key, if the door is left open or if an attempt is made to return invalid keys. An alarm will also sound if power is lost although the cabinets are equipped with battery back-up to ensure operation during AC power loss or disruptions as well as retention of the programmed memory.

Outdated manual key boxes used in fleet management operations can expose the organization to the threat of liability issues stemming from unauthorized key access or lost or misplaced keys. High tech electronic key control systems can only be accessed by authorized users with a pre-programmed PIN code. These key cabinets use tamper-proof smart key rings that automatically record all transaction activity and can be queried as needed for keys in use or overdue keys. Reports can be programmed to include who accessed keys, when and for what period of time, the audit trail of each key or inconsistent key usage.

Automated key management systems can also be enhanced with a number of features that can make the management of high volume key control easier and more convenient. For example, software is available to optimize the installation, programming, customization, maintenance and reporting capabilities of the system. Key rings can also be color coded by vehicle type, user, location etc.

In every respect, a professionally designed electronic key control and management system is an ideal aspect of any vehicle fleet management strategy.

Which key control system is best for your fleet management operations? Contact one of our experts for more information!
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires, CEO of Morse Watchmans Inc.

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