Threat Assessment and Prevention for Healthcare

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Tim Purpura

Tim Purpura

VP Global Sales & Marketing

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Threat Assessment and Prevention for Healthcare

Today’s healthcare organizations are taking a risk-based approach when planning security strategies for protecting patients, staff, visitors and data. By looking at industry challenges, and analyzing their own information, each individual facility can identify priorities in assessing threats and determining best practices for maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Why Key Management is Still Important in the Age of Access Control

  Card-based access control, biometrics, prox devices, mobile credentials – everywhere you look, there’s evidence of the digital transformation in door locking solutions.

The Best Way to Protect the Panic Buttons That Protect Hotel Employees

On July 1, 2018, the “Hands Off, Pants On” law went into effect in Chicago.

Understanding Key Control for Data Centers

With organizations across every vertical more and more reliant on the cloud for both operations and data storage, data centers have become one of the most important elements of infrastructure around the globe. Maintaining safe storage for critical data has bearing on every aspect of business—and limiting access to that storage is an essential part of keeping business secure. Data centers, the venues that host the servers on which data is stored, are reliant not only on cybersecurity, but also on physical security technologies to keep those servers safe. While video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other types of security technology provide foundational functionality to protect data centers from intrusion, another vital layer of on-site physical security should be added in the form of key control.

“Eco-Friendly Security” - Key Control Supports Environmental Initiatives

The use of green technology and other environmentally friendly practices is gaining momentum across the country. University campuses, commercial sites and urban municipalities have all made commitments to reduce their environmental footprint. For many, key control systems are part of the solution creating eco-friendly security practices.

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