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Automated Locker Systems Gaining Popularity in Commercial Use

Fernando Pires April 1, 2015
Fernando Pires

The use of electronic safes is growing in popularity within the residential market as homeowners look for ways to store and secure valuable items without having to rent a safety deposit box at the bank. Jewelry, cash, firearms, and even medications as well as legal documents, passports, tax records, credit cards, mementos, photos and so on can all be stored and protected from theft in a safe.

Commercial businesses have long understood the value of safely securing valuable items. Today, one of the most recommended and technically advanced storage solution for business is an asset management system that has been configured with large locker modules. Similar in concept and design to a key management system, a locker system incorporates individual locker modules in a steel cabinet. Items stored in the lockers can only be accessed by authorized individuals using a pre-programmed PIN code or biometric identification.

Lockers are available in a variety of sizes and types for holding items such as laptops, cell phones, cash trays, weapons, ammunition, etc. Cabinets can be configured to the exact needs of the user.

What adds extra value to these storage solutions for the business owner or facility/security management is its capability to track all access activity. Each time a locker is accessed to either take out or return an item, the system automatically records the time, date and identity of the user. And because the systems are network capable, management can have real-time access to the information. In a commercial environment with multiple users, it’s often extremely important to know who took an item and when. Audit reports also help in assessing patterns and trends, which can be invaluable information for predicting the potential for problems and preventing them from occurring.

Assets vulnerable to theft or misuse can now be properly secured on-site in an automated locker system. It’s one more step businesses and commercial establishments can take to raise the level of safety, reduce their liability and provide the best possible workplace environment.

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