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Integrated Key Management Systems Integral to Situational Awareness at Large Venues

Fernando Pires August 12, 2016
Fernando Pires

High security, high-risk events such as this summer’s political conventions in the US require special planning that involves risk assessment, crowd management, staffing, communication, emergency response procedures and so on. To maintain the highest levels of on-site security, among other measures, guard services are equipped with mobile technology for faster evaluations and response; K-9 units patrol the grounds sniffing for bombs; and integrated security and surveillance operations are controlled from a centralized platform for better situational awareness.

At the same time, key control systems are integral to the security of many large venues. With 100 plus locking doors in a typical 40,000 seat facility, knowing where a particular key is or who may have last used a key is critical both for operations and for the physical security and safety of visitors, staff, the press and the premises themselves.

The increased security provided by a key control and management system helps to reduce the vulnerabilities of larger facilities. Many issues that often go unnoticed or unresolved (e.g., lost or misplaced keys) in security evaluations or procedures be greatly mitigated with key control hardware and software solutions – while cutting down on long term costs. In addition, a key control and management system can be integrated with building operations and security systems such as access control or video surveillance to create a more powerful and effective security system.

Online monitoring, updating and reporting capabilities enhance the functionality of a key control system and add to the integrity of the venue’s security. By integrating key control management software into their security procedures, management can more easily control the system and maximize its reporting capabilities. Activity reports of key usage such as movements by time, date and user code can be analyzed for improved control of access and security issues.

By integrating key management systems with comprehensive security processes, large venues can provide a safer and more secure environment for all visitors, whether they number in the tens or in the tens of thousands.

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