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Key Control and Productivity

Fernando Pires May 26, 2015
Fernando Pires

Productivity is currently a hot topic for many organizations. With increasing competition and a savvier customer, management needs every advantage it can find to help ensure business success – and the right tools and the right technology are key elements in helping to achieve that success.

Along with implementing new business processes, state of the art technology that is designed to improve physical security can also help increase productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. For example, with a key control and management system, building keys and other high value keys can be secured in a tamper-proof cabinet, with all access activity automatically recorded. The system eliminates the time-consuming and ineffective manual recording of key access – and because it automatically tracks who has which key and when it was accessed or returned, locating lost or missing keys takes only minutes versus hours or days.

Today’s high tech key control and management systems offer a multitude of features that make using the system easy and time saving. Locations of requested keys are lit for faster access; keys can be returned to any open space in the cabinet or to any cabinet in a networked system and the system will remember the new location; large touch screens offer step-by-step instructions to the user; and keys available to a user are easily and quickly called up. Other time-saving features include key reservations and mobile capability.

Managing a key control system additionally offers a number of time-saving and convenient features. For example, an add-on device lets users add, remove and audit system keys right from their computer while sophisticated software performs synchronizations of transactions as well as maintaining a centralized SQL database. Built-in schedulers save time and effort by automatically downloading all data to a secure PC.

Fostering policies and technology that raise productivity is critical for organizations in order to grow and sustain value in today’s business environment. Key control and management systems are an innovation that can help.