Key Control Integration is Seamless, Efficient – and Necessary

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Key Control Integration is Seamless, Efficient – and Necessary

As IP surveillance and security systems become the standard across a wide range of applications, integration capability has become an essential element of product offerings. Those that are proprietary or function only as a stand-alone solution don’t fit the design/build mold now preferred by system integrators, A&Es and the end user.

Rather, virtually all new video surveillance and security systems being deployed are designed for seamless integration of components with centralized control. The control platform in many instances is the access control system which allows the network integration of virtually any application with advanced control such as IP video surveillance, intrusion and fire alarm systems, point-of-sale systems, counting devices and key management systems.

The successful integration of these technologies effectively and reliably automates time-consuming tasks across the enterprise. For example, key control systems with open protocols can be securely managed through an access control system enabling administrators to access the many rich features of the key control system. The tamper-proof key control systems are designed so that only authorized users, using pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, can access keys; on-board advanced technology automatically records all access activity.

A sophisticated interface can allow users to quickly and efficiently configure several user authorization parameters including add/modify/delete cardholders and badge data; associate key control site profiles to access system levels; configure which key control system alarms and transactions that get passed to the access control system via alarms; and allow the configuration of an anti-egress feature, to name just a few. Some integration applications even allow for the convenience and cost-effectiveness of implementing additional card formats.

An integrated key management and access control system allows administrators to streamline the process of securing, controlling and tracking keys for their facility. At head office or remotely, the integration provides users with more effective and efficient management of personnel, credentials and assets.

Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires, CEO of Morse Watchmans Inc.

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