Key Control Solutions Save Time and Money at the Dealership

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Key Control Solutions Save Time and Money at the Dealership

Recent reports indicate that rising auto sales are contributing to the ongoing economic recovery. Auto dealerships that tweaked their operations with new marketing tools, streamlined internal processes and new technology such as automated key control systems during the down times are now poised to reap the benefits of those changes.

A computerized key control system is designed specifically for securing and electronically tracking vehicle keys in the dealership. The system offers a tangible and proven ROI (return on investment) for the dealership as the cost of replacing lost keys could total in the thousands. For example, a conventional vehicle key costs approximately $100 to replace and a remote key fob may cost as much as $480 to replace – costs which quickly escalate when scaled to the potential total key losses incurred in a large dealership.

Beyond virtually eliminating lost keys, a key management system can make mystery mileage disappear. When employees must enter their credentials in order to access a key, they know that there will be a digital trail showing when they took the key and how long they kept it. The system can more than pay for itself in other ways as well. Key usage data can be tracked and analyzed in order to see which vehicles are taken for the most test drives and which are collecting dust on the lot. Utilizing key control software for this information ensures that it is far more accurate in real time than a manual log would be.

Information from the key bank is live and at any time management can check the status of any key and its access history. This can be done either from a computer or from a mobile device, providing even more efficiency from the system. Sales staff can also take advantage of the system to boost their sales efforts. For example, a sales person engaged with a customer on the lot can simply log into the system on a tablet or mobile phone to see if keys are available for a test drive. No more running around looking for keys while the customer grows impatient.

Even in a growing economy, dealerships need every advantage and key management technology is a proven solution.

What's next? It’s clear why automotive dealership security benefits from key management systems in limiting losses and improving ROI. Learn more about car dealer key control solutions by filling out a quick contact form or using our key cabinet configurator tool.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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