Key Control Systems Heat Up in Multiple Markets

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Key Control Systems Heat Up in Multiple Markets

Physical security solutions have almost no boundaries when it comes to applications. Conventionally found in casinos, correctional institutes, educational facilities and so on, advances in digital technology and network capability have expanded the use of physical security systems well beyond original capabilities and intentions.

For example, new functionality in key control management systems enables their use in a wider range of applications. In retail and hospitality situations, biometric identification helps ensure secure issuance of keys to pre-authorized individuals while touch screen video technology will provide for safety messaging to staff.

In the gaming market, advances in key control technology allow casinos to quickly and easily comply with a variety of State and tribal rules and regulations pertaining to control and management of facility keys. As an example, to meet gaming regulations that require the three man rule to access sensitive or restricted key sets, new key control systems are programmable to recognize these keys or key sets and only open the cabinet door and release them once the three required logins are complete and the credentials verified.

At airports, a key control management system can provide an increased level of security and control by preventing unauthorized key access and reducing lost or misplaced keys. In this way, employees or temporary users such as contractors who have reason to be on the premises and are pre-approved in the system can access a key from the cabinet without having to sign in or require the presence of security or management personnel.

Today’s key control management systems are a valuable resource that can further facilitate incident management in an educational application. Access control badges can be pre-configured and distributed to designated first responders and in the event of an incident, when they reach the scene they simply scan the badge into the system and the critical emergency keys will be released.

These and other applications are just a few examples of how technically advanced key control management systems have become an integral part of a comprehensive security system.

What's next? You can see why so many types of businesses can benefit from key control systems for their everyday needs. Learn more about key management systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator.
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires, CEO of Morse Watchmans Inc.

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